Exercising Professional Judgment: A Case Study of EON Berhad Malaysia

  • Vicky Vendy Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jawa Timur
Keywords: Professional Judgment; Preparer; EON Berhad; Malaysia


The objective of the interview is to understand how a preparer exercises his/her professional judgment on accounting treatment and describe the challenges faced by the preparer in exercising professional judgment. The data analyzed for the study were collected in a semi-structured interview with the Head of financial services and treasury at Edaran Otomobil Nasional (EON) Berhad Malaysia. This study found that professional judgments are exercised in many things. Such as estimate of utility bills and rental payments, impairment of investment in a subsidiary, impairment of fixed assets, impairment of goodwill, asset revaluation, retirement benefits fund, contingent liability, and so on. In case of the absence of relevant accounting guidance, the preparer will have to look at the international accounting standard or seek advice from experts. Considering the implementation of the standards, the preparer also needs to look at the practicality of it.


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